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Russia - Concern in the attic of the region

Author : Date : 2013-12-16 15:21:19
 The Concern Among Importers of Russia to close the Dish Towel to Shipments to the domestic supply is to stand Facing a sad harvest is an important factor cotton bread basket in this months prices.That Increase 20% of international wheat dog adjust the Interests of Moscow now. But I Could Dismantle the country's success in re-branding as the export of energy.
If Russia really I Can Still Believes That shipping tons of grain 20 meters, an old aspiration should say so and explain are how.
Few believe That is possible. Take the culture is in the Following 75mn tonnes, That SovEcon Analysts predict, and Russia, would meet Not Even Their Own enough to raise needs. Of Course, the country has One in stock. But export 20 million tons at the Beginning of the meeting domestic demand would sweep my silos.
For schtum, is the market Examination of Credibility. Analysts Commerzbank barely broke ranks with Other Investors on Thursday, underscoring the "secret" of mathematics to the export of Russia.
Particularly And Credibility is important in Russia is food.Besides Invested millions of dollars and hundreds of STI in Improving exports of cereals from the Infrastructure. It would be a shame for Those Who spend the money just to touch the cold shoulder from the Importers.
The Highest price Always Russia's attitude is to Encourage Countries to eat out of a hole. Based on more Than nine million tons of reserves, Which cost a fortune in the silo, But Acquired After meeting the time During the boom of 2008 Would Have gotten rid of even more painful for the day.
However, the Kremlin is to enter Another. Russia has sealed the reputation of a competitive Exporters, But Still Not as reliable, Periodic Outbreaks That show with Egypt, the largest buyer of wheat in the world.
And trust is ultimately more important. CAN NOT Buyers make bread in the Unfulfilled Promises.
Neighboring Ukraine has bitten the bullet. He said Wednesday Not That exports are restricted to small harvest, although this may mean paying more for the wheat needed to Ensure domestic supply.
Of course, It Could be costly. But at least in the commercial is to sell Their shares, is something the other side of the books - is available to save Shedler in the elevator.
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