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Ed Hungness: Just an old iron stove

Author : Date : 2013-12-16 15:20:29
 After washing the container with hot soapy water on the stove heat the pan over high heat. Then add a piece of bacon or butter, melted and rubbed on the inside of the pan with a Kitchen Towel or cotton kitchen towel, coating bottom and sides.When cleaning kitchen cabinets, I found a surprise mixed with Cool Whip containers collected. Mom was the iron pan. I do not know how they managed to get on and off the stove. It looked so much like a bowling ball weigh.
My sister and I, along with our husbands, made several trips to Illinois and worked together to organize a collection of household items. value of goodwill and Hi Army received a lot of gifts that would not fit in a small apartment.
In a way, it was a tedious job, but had many opportunities. Go was in drawers, closets, basement and garage of a journey through time.
We discovered things we had not seen since childhood. We looked through old family photos, 60 years worth of Christmas, Valentine's Day and birthday cards as well as the works of today's primary school. All these treasures have been our mother could never part.
With the flip of enameled steel container was dented, it was everything I had in mind. It was a cream of the cover with a green border and handle. I do not think the two were together, because they do not respond to remote purchased. However, the CAP is part and that is what they serve.
The bag was as black as coal and soft interior. has not yet been invented in the 40s and 50s early Teflon pans. Most housewives are a large saucepan, cook dinner and maybe a smaller one for the pot of an egg or two. Everything was prepared on the cook, with the exception of potatoes and vegetables cooked in pots pan.There are different theories on how to properly season a cast iron skillet. Usually, this work has been taken by my father in the attack
The tray is placed in a hot oven and cook over high heat for about an hour. Some cooks believe that mold wash after each use and others simply rub them with salt. When food is always started during the nonstick cooking, it was time to re-season the pan.
Mom has a lot of Sunday Fried Chicken Dinner with the melting pot. Sometimes it was roasting, using a load of hamburgers for dinner on Saturday night. I also remember the smell of fried pork or Swiss steak simmering in the oven floor. Mom occasionally used for cooking corn bread or a cobbler in the oven.
One of my fondest memories as a mom is used to warm my bed pan on a cold winter night. Heat the pan, wrapped in a towel and put it under the covers at the foot of my bed. So if someone gives you a cast iron skillet, accepted with gratitude. Use it often and give their children and the many memories that go with it.
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